About Us

BDK is a managed service provider and IT services & consulting firm headquartered in Easton, Maryland. We provide a full range of IT services with one goal in mind - to be a strategic technology partner that helps our clients achieve their business objectives.

We're extremely proud of our portfolio of clients. We provide services for large national customers, but we also serve small businesses in our local community. We love this mix. It keeps us grounded in our small-town roots, but it also challenges us to always be current on the latest technology innovations and trends.

We're family-owned and family-run

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person. That certainly applies to Bruce and Edwina Kimball, the husband-and-wife team who launched BDK in 1999. The couple has eight children, so they know a thing or two about managing priorities and putting systems in place to keep things running smoothly! Kimball Family

Prior to BDK, Bruce and Edwina each held leadership positions with local companies - Bruce in banking and Edwina in manufacturing. They saw a need for an IT services firm that truly understands how business works. They also saw an opportunity to make IT approachable by building a team that is down-to-earth and customer service oriented. They envisioned a family-run business that treats clients like part of the family.

Today, the Kimballs' oldest son Brian and son-in-law Adam play key roles at BDK. The company has grown to 20 employees who are all part of the BDK family.

Our approach to working with clients

Many IT firms take a "one size fits all" approach. That just doesn't make sense to us. Different manufacturers have different production processes. Different banks serve different types of clients. Different healthcare organizations treat different kinds of patients. Trying to pigeon-hole every business into a single, off-the-shelf IT solution will produce mediocre results at best.

We invest time at the beginning of a new client relationship to truly understand your goals, products, processes, and the markets you serve. We look for opportunities to be a strategic partner that adds value through technology. Our team can then tap into our vast experience with a huge range of hardware and software applications. We choose the solution that is best for your business, and we fully customize it for optimum performance.

For some clients, we handle every aspect of their IT needs. We become their outsourced IT department through a managed services agreement.

For other clients, we supplement the skillsets of their existing IT staff. If you need a specialist to handle a certain part of your technology infrastructure, our team can handle that for you.

BDK is headquartered in the center of the Delmarva Peninsula in Easton, Maryland. We also have offices in Salisbury, Maryland and Newark, Delaware, as well as a data-center locations in Northern Virginia and Beltsville.

We provide solutions and services for businesses

We can bring an entire solution(s) to you or provide just one service at a time. Our skills and packages provided are diverse and can satisfy any situation.