Hosting and Cloud

Cloud Services

​To put it simply, "the cloud" refers to off-site hosting that makes your software, data, and files accessible to you on any device, anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. So the most obvious benefits of hosting "in the cloud" are flexibility and accessibility.

BDK owns and maintains our own hardware in a state-of-the-art Tier 3/4 data center. Our clients can secure as much or as little space as needed in our data center to host their applications. The IBM Power Servers we use are industry-leading and best-in-class. This is important because when it comes to the cloud, infrastructure matters. Not all cloud hosting services are created equal.

Other key advantages include affordability and scalability. Cloud hosting is especially beneficial for small businesses. It helps you avoid the enormous expense of buying and maintaining your own hardware.




BDK hosts Intel and Power systems. We support a mixed environment for businesses running different software with different requirements. This includes, but is not limited to Windows, Linux, OS/400 and VMWare. We take a cohesive approach to managing hybrid environments.

Is the cloud safe?

​Yes! It is a common myth that data stored in the cloud is automatically more vulnerable. The reality is that properly managed cloud hosting that uses top-of-the-line infrastructure is actually more secure​ than traditional on-premise hosting.

This is because most data breaches occur inside your own business. Perhaps an employee clicks a malicious link in their email or opens a compromised jump drive on their desktop. When this happens on a desktop computer that is directly connected to a server in your building, your network is breached immediately.

The risk can be mitigated by hosting your network on an outside server. When proper authentication protocols are in place, it's easier to stop viruses and malware from spreading through your network.

Cloud Services

Application Hosting

You may not realize it, but you're already operating in the cloud. If you use G Suite by Google, Office 365 from Microsoft, QuickBooks online, or any number of other online applications, you're using cloud-hosted technology.

Host new and existing custom applications

The software you already use can be moved to the cloud to provide greater accessibility for your team. New applications can be hosted in the cloud from the beginning. This is especially beneficial for smaller businesses. It saves you money by not having to purchase your own hardware. It also shifts the responsibility of selecting, securing, and maintaining the equipment to us -- a team of highly qualified and experienced third-party experts.

​Provide a development & testing environment for new applications​​

BDK has a team of experts who develop and program custom software applications for our clients. We also use the cloud to do testing of new applications our clients would like to implement. This provides a separate, secure area to test new software without interfering with your current day-to-day operations.

Hosting & support services for ISVs​

BDK partners with independent software venders (ISVs) to host their applications in the cloud. We also work directly with end-users that the ISV's software is compatible with their existing systems. We write code that integrates all systems and provides data in a single cloud-based dashboard that's accessible anywhere in the world.

IBM iSeries in the Cloud

BDK has extensive experience with IBM i in the cloud. We offer IBM i partitions of various sizes running all supported versions of IBM i including V7.1, V7.2 and V7.3. We can configure your partition to your specifications. Off-site backup is included. Our technical staff has experience with S/3x and AS/400 technology. All of our technical staff is trained on modern IBM i technology. We have programming staff available to handle all versions of RPG including the new Free Form RPG. We specialize in application modernization using PHP, Javascript, Lansa and other technologies.

Private Cloud Solutions

Not only do we host IBMi, but we can host any operating system, including linux and windows. BDK can provide dedicated servers and rack space in our Tier 3/4 data center that are proprietary to your business only. This provides maximum security and efficiency. We work closely with your IT team to set up the private cloud solution that is best for your specific needs.

The Cloud can Benefit Your Business

Business Continuity Planning

As a managed service provider, we work with many of our clients to provide business continuity planning. We then implement key systems to ensure minimal interruption to their businesses, no matter what.

High Availability

We design your systems so that they are resilient with automatic redundancy built in. Your systems and data are replicated and stored at our Tier 3/4 data center.

Disaster Recovery

IT disasters usually strike due to human error or hardware failures, and occasionally natural disasters. Whatever the cause, our skilled team can restore your data and systems quickly.

Off-site Backup

Regular off-site backups of your system and files help you recover data that is lost or corrupted. If a file is accidentally deleted, we can restore it for you quickly.

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

​As a managed service provider, BDK has the expertise to ensure a VoIP system is integrated into your business properly. We also provide automatic maintenance and updates. This ensures that your communications system is always doing its job to provide the best user experience.

VoIP systems are hosted in the cloud, along with PBX (private branch exchange, which is the internal telephone network used within an organization). Therefore, there are no expensive, hard-wired systems to be installed. This saves money upfront and over time, as maintenance is managed remotely.

Advantages of VOIP

Voice over IP (VoIP) communications systems offer significant advantages over traditional, legacy telephone networks. Instead of hard-wired telephone lines, VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice communications and other multimedia data.

​Scalability and Flexibility

​​Additional users can be added to the network easily without rewiring. Mobility hosted by PBX also accommodates employees working from anywhere - a cell phone at home, softphone on a computer, or a VoIP hardware phone that is similar to a traditional handset.

Choosing the Right Partner

​VoIP can be a fantastic solution for your business - if it's done right. Your technology provider should evaluate your entire network to ensure it is robust enough to support a VoIP system. It's also important to be sure voice communication is separated from your data. Unfortunately, a lot of door-to-door VoIP companies skip these steps. This can result in a sluggish performance which can result into breaks and "blips" during phone calls.