Business Analytics

Custom Dashboards

Save time and money

Save time & money and make better business decisions with a custom business analytics dashboard.

Real-time Data

​BDK's team can develop a dashboard that pulls real-time data from all of the software programs that are critical for your business.

Access from anywhere

​Your dashboard can be hosted in the cloud or locally, allowing you to access data and reports from anywhere.




BDK designs custom dashboards to track all of your essential business data in one place. Data can be distilled from multiple programs and locations, and this information can be accessed anywhere. ​We have extensive experience building business analytics platforms for the manufacturing, retail, and distribution & fulfillment industries. We've also developed dashboards for clients in other sectors as well. In today's fast-paced world, quick and reliable access to key performance indicators (KPI) is critical for all businesses.

Custom Reports

BDK's business analytics experts can design custom reports for every department in your company. Each department will be able to quickly and easily access the data that is most relevant to their work. Permissions controls limit which employees are able to access which data.

​Business analytics dashboards can save hours when it comes to generating reports. Data is automatically sourced and consolidated from multiple programs and locations. This eliminates the need for someone to manually create reports. It also significantly improves the accuracy of reporting since the risk of human error is eliminated.

Below is an example of one of our dashboards representing a hypothetical company's data and how it can be displayed with different graphs. These reports are highly customizable based on your business's needs to run smoothly and make profitable decisions.

Database Reporting
Database Reporting
Database Reporting

In-Document Analytics

In-document analytics lets you take your data on the go. A report is automatically generated and emailed. The report functions much like a dashboard, allowing you to drill down to the data you need. Once you've downloaded the report, it is accessible offline. This means you can access critical business data instantly without an internet connection!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence for business is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. BDK uses AI tools like IBM's Watson to help out clients in a variety of ways, including business analytics.

​You are already probably familiar with virtual assistants -- automated AI programs that can help customers find answers to basic questions. This type of AI is evolving, and business leaders can now use it to monitor economic & market trends, customer data, and competitors to better inform decision making. And because AI programs are designed to keep learning, they produce better and better results over time.