Managed Services

Technology is a vital support structure for your business, but it's not the reason your team comes to work every day. You need your most important investment -- your human capital -- to focus on your customers and your mission. A managed service provider will provide the technology systems and support your team needs to focus on what they do best.

Partnering with a managed service provider is often more cost effective than hiring staff. Your business may not be large enough to keep a full-time IT professional busy. Or perhaps you have a talented IT team, but you need some additional help in a specialized area. A managed service provider allows you to only pay for the services you need.

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BDK is your strategic IT partner to design, implement, and support your IT systems to help you achieve your business objectives.

What are Managed IT Services?

​Some organizations choose to outsource all or part of their information technology functions. They engage a managed service provider like BDK to handle the day-to-day IT operations of the business or sometimes just a single problem they may be having. This is a practice known as managed IT services .

As a managed services provider , BDK plays a strong role for our clients. We take on the critical responsibility of ensuring IT equipment and systems function properly, day in and day out. Just as importantly, we provide clients with strategic recommendations regarding their technology practices and investments. This requires a keen understanding of each client's business and goals. A top-notch managed services provider is always looking for ways to create efficiencies, reduce costs, improve quality, and improve the flow of information and data.


Focus on your mission
Scale up or scale down
Budget your costs
On pace with rapid change
Depth of experience and knowledge

Why use Managed Services?

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Most IT professionals are highly specialized. You can have an incredibly talented IT team, but still be missing critical skills that are needed for certain systems. Managed IT services are an affordable way to supplement your IT staff. As a managed service provider, our team has an incredible depth of skills. We enable you to fill gaps in your team without adding to your headcount.

There will be times when your business needs extra IT support. Perhaps you're rolling out a brand-new system, or perhaps you have a new contract that will require extra resources for a set period of time. Contracting the IT services you need in these situations gives you more flexibility. Using a managed service provider allows you to quickly find the talent you need without going through a long hiring process. And when these extra IT services are no longer needed, you can simply end your contract with your provider. This is much easier and more cost effective than laying off an employee.

The world of technology is ever changing. It is a managed service provider's job to stay current on all the latest tech trends -- and threats. We invest heavily in the professional development of our staff. This ensures that we implement the best solutions for our clients. It also prepares us to protect your data from the latest viruses and malware that are always a threat to your business.

How do managed services work?

Simply put, you contract a managed service provider to provide the IT services you need. The scope and duration of the contract are highly flexible based on your needs. The following lists provide more detail about the types of IT serves available through a managed service provider.

Strategic Technology Planning

  • Evaluation of current IT systems and processes
  • Evaluation of data security and threat vulnerability
  • IT system design and implementation
  • Software and Hardware recommendations
  • Strategy to integrate various technology platforms to work well together, including software development and coding/programming
  • Business continuity planning, disaster recovery, and data/systems backup

Desktop and Server Management

  • Remote monitoring & troubleshooting employees' desktops via secure connection
  • Installing and managing system and security updates
  • Upgrading operation systems and software

On-site Management

  • Project management
  • On-call service for more extensive assistance or troubleshooting
  • Installation of servers and other hardware
  • Networking, communications, storage, Linux, Windows, AIX, IBMi operating systems, EDI, ERP, CRM, and more

Pro-active Remote Monitoring

  • 24x7x365 remote monitoring of your IT network with auto alerts
  • Tracking and reporting on issues that affect security, performance, and reliability
  • Reports generated and reviewed with management every 90 days
  • Immediate response to network device alerts and pre-failure indicators

System Health Checks

  • A comprehensive assessment of your network and systems
  • Recommendations for cost savings, increased performance, and improved security
  • Performance analyzed against industry benchmarks

Cloud Services

  • ​Management of storage systems, servers, and data backups in our secure, world-class Tier 3/4 data center
  • Contrary to popular myth, greater security is actually achieved with off-premise services that on-site servers
  • Access and run top-of-the-line technology without huge upfront costs
  • Built-in redundancy with data backed up and secured in multiple locations

Reporting and Analysis

  • Executive management reports detailing performance vs. industry benchmarks and progress toward key business goals
  • Windows server health
  • Work completed summary
  • Patch status detail and summary
  • Site health and performance
  • Server health
  • MBSA
  • Asset inventory
  • Device performance
  • Website monitoring & performance