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Agile IT infrastructures have become a necessity in today’s technology-driven world. Applications must be flexible, and communication between multiple IT systems is imperative to successful interoperability and maximum performance. Rather than replacing multiple hardware and software systems, software development is the key to improving an organization’s integration, maintenance, monitoring, scheduling, and lifecycle management. By relying on automation to reduce the number of manual processes needed to sustain operations, companies can not only cut back on budgeted staff hours, but also reap the rewards of improved efficiency and data accuracy.

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HOA Management System

We make custom software

HOA Management System

HOA Gateway is a robust set of programs to maintain information and transactions under the management of a home owner’s association. This software solution runs on IBM Power Servers running IBM i. The applications can be on premise or hosted in the cloud. The system has a friendly graphical user interface. Some of the modules included are:

  • Annual Property Assessments

    By paying their annual assessment, each property “in good standing” has the privilege of voting and purchasing amenity memberships. This module maintains the number of property owners, addresses (permanent or vacation), contact information including email addresses…. Each member is issued a picture ID card allowing access to various facilities.

  • Amenity Memberships

    Each amenity (pools, tennis, platform tennis, recreation programs, user defined classes) requires a fee to enjoy the facility. The member ID card tracks (in report or graphic format) facility usage, deposits, employee program usage, and more. Members may also purchase daily or weekly coupons to gain access to amenities.

  • Marina

    The marina module provides information on all slip owners, boat information, waiting list for slips, and A/R information.

  • Construction

    The construction module allows the HOA access to all information on construction (new homes, remodel) of all properties including application approval or denial, project type, phase completion, etc. Also included, is a Violation System which tracts infractions, and their resolutions.

  • Mailing

    Member contact information allows for direct or email communication.

  • Misc. Receipts

    The misc. receipt module is similar to a cash register. Any dept., facility, location, can create their own list of items for sale, with receipt printing, and sale screen with user attached images.

  • Purchase Orders

    Full Purchase order system with optional G/L and A/P integration.

  • Survey

    Important marketing tool for feedback. Users can create custom surveys, and response information may be tracked (per Member, Owner, Renter, etc.) or may be anonymous.

Solution Functions:

All modules include numerous reporting (some graphical), integration to G/L system, ability to export data, custom fields, user preferences for viewing, file attachments (pictures, PDF's, etc.), security with overrides for all screens, history logs for all data changes, custom letters, labels, remote access from internet, and more. In addition to the customized modules described above, this highly functional solution allows for, and has been integrated into other commercial software for things such as payroll, golf, restaurants, and more.

Competitive Advantage:

HOA Gateway is a customized solution developed for over 20+ years for a premier residential community nestled on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The community boasts approximately 8,400 platted lots with over 15,000 full-time residents and 7,500 part-time residents.

Because the community has continued to evolve, so has the application. For over 20 years, this robust application allows for on-the-spot customization and integration of other solutions. This unique advantage allows new communities, who might wish to use this solution, to customize it for their own particular needs. With high end residential communities, members have high expectations. The delivery and execution of amenities and services through the use of customized software solutions must equal those expectations.


TimeTracker is a completely web based time tracking software. It's used on manufacturing floors, as a way to track employee time doing certain tasks. Since the software is web based, it can run on tablets for the floor, or desktops in the office. TimeTracker can be integrated with other databases associated with your existing ERP or HR software. Contact us if you think time tracking software could benefit you.