We offer a variety of IT related services.

When you work with BDK, you get access to all of these as well as the people to go along with it.

Business Continuity Planning

As a managed service provider, we work with many of our clients to provide business continuity planning. We then implement key systems to ensure minimal interruption to their businesses, no matter what.

Cloud Services

Private and Public cloud solutions, including hosting, email, backups, power and intel servers.


BDK can service or sell Computers from all the top brands

IT Consulting

Consulting hardware, software and best practices

CRM Packages

Customer Relationship Manager support and installation

Desktop and Server Management

Support for all desktops and servers regardless of make, including updates and helpdesk.

Disaster Recovery

IT disasters usually strike due to human error or hardware failures, and occasionally natural disasters. Whatever the cause, our skilled team can restore your data and systems quickly.

EDI Service and Packages

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) setup and implementation

ERP Packages and Services

Enterprise Resource Planning


Helpdesk support for your organization

High Availability

We design your systems so that they are resilient with automatic redundancy built in. Your systems and data are replicated and stored at our Tier 3/4 data center.

Hosting Services

Hosting and Cloud services for your business


Hardware and support for routers, switches, firewalls and design

Off-site Backup

Regular off-site backups of your system and files help you recover data that is lost or corrupted. If a file is accidentally deleted, we can restore it for you quickly.

On-site Management

A on-site representative that assists with help-desk, project management, workflow and other IT related services

Pro-active Remote Monitoring

Full time monitoring of your IT related systems, allowing us to pro-actively help before failure starts.

Reporting and Analysis

Get reports regarding, server health, data analysis, inventory, sales, etc. for any business.


Security testing, scanning and implementation


Servers are absolutely critical to most business operations, and we can help with that


Hardware and Software for storage solutions

Strategic Technology Planning

Plan your infrastructure from the ground up. Network scheme, security and the hardware necessary.

System Health Checks

Make sure your servers, computers and network are working at the highest level of performance and efficiency.


Hardware and Software update management, including firmware and operating systems


Hardware, Software and Equipment Upgrades


Virtualization is now a widely used concept that can contain to your business


VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), is a term for phones that use ethernet instead of traditional pots lines for communication.

Web Apps and Sites

custom web applications, websites, e-commerce, node, javascript, php, lansa, rpg

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