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They say if you want something done, give it to a busy person. That is certainly the case for Bruce & Edwina Kimball, the co-founders of BDK, Inc. The couple shares a successful business and busy lives as the parents of eight children.

Since launching BDK, Inc. in 1999, Bruce and Edwina have grown the business from a small, local firm to one that serves large, multinational clients. As it’s grown, BDK has continued to serve smaller businesses and local governments throughout the rural communities of Delmarva. It has always been important to Bruce and Edwina to stay grounded in their small-town roots, even as the firm has expanded.

The couple’s work experience prior to launching BDK positioned them well to serve a wide variety of clients. Bruce had extensive IT leadership experience in the financial sector before spending many years with IBM. Edwina held leadership positions in the manufacturing sector. These experiences allow Bruce and Edwina to understand what it’s like to be in the client’s position. They’ve leveraged their first-hand knowledge of industry to position BDK as a strategic IT partner for its clients.

When they aren’t working, Bruce and Edwina are busy volunteering with kids’ activities and serving their community. They’ve given countless hours to Tri-City Little League, Cub Scouts, their local church, and numerous fundraisers. Edwina is also passionate about civic engagement. She spends time each month registering voters and educating them on how and where to vote.

When time allows, Bruce and Edwina also love to travel. Their favorite destination is Hawaii, where they can enjoy some much-needed R&R. The Kimballs are also an enthusiastic Disney family. Several of their children have performed at Disney World with their high school band.

Bruce and Edwina are proud that the next generation has become involved in the family business. Their eldest son Brian is a key member of the team, as is their son-in-law Adam. Bruce and Edwina are excited about the future of the business, and continue to expand their team and services.



If you would like to discuss your organization’s needs with Bruce and Edwina, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help

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