BDK Team Spotlight: Software Development (DEV) Team

November 24th, 2022
Tiffany McCabe
BDK Team Spotlight: Software Development (DEV) Team featured image

BDK is a managed service provider and IT services & consulting firm. We provide a full range of IT services with one goal in mind - to be a strategic technology partner that helps our clients achieve their business objectives. 

BDK’s “Team Spotlight” blog series highlights the different departments throughout the organization, each of which play an integral role in ensuring premiere IT services and support for our customers. This week’s blog features our Software Development (DEV) Team. Dennis Tuttle, DEV Team Manager, shared the following insights about his team and what makes them a critical component of BDK’s business. 

  1. What is the DEV team's primary function at BDK, Inc.?
    The DEV team provides solutions built around data collection, distribution, and interrogation. The more data you can include that is relevant and up to date, the more effectively you can manage, control, and anticipate your business needs. The challenge is quickly confirming overall status, while highlighting exceptions, so managers can focus on what needs their attention. We provide actionable reporting from our clients’ data by creating interactive tools. One of our client’s C-Level managers coined the term “mega reports” for the reports we created for them, and the name stuck within that organization.  

    We offer business intelligence/analytics, process automation, and integration with third-party reporting tools. Some of our reporting solutions are derived from data across hundreds of tables in multiple databases. It is easy to purchase a reporting tool and quickly produce simple reports, but when more complex reporting is needed, the effectiveness of the software becomes limited by the ability of the team using it. That’s where the BDK, Inc. DEV team comes in.

  2. Who is your team comprised of?
    My group has two senior developers, two developers, and two additional members that focus on testing and documentation.  Our senior team members each have more than 30 years of experience designing solutions, developing applications, leading, and deploying the products. We have worked with many host platforms, but the bulk of our time has been with IBM AS400 and IBM i Series servers. RPG still lives and we do sometimes work with that code, but most of our work is with WebQuery, WebFOCUS, advanced SQL and LANSA to the table for modernization and enhancements.  

    My own background includes nine years as an IT Director for a top-tier soft drink franchise, and seven years as Regional IT Manager for a large international poultry producer. I have worked closely with many technology companies—implementing solutions and developing a first-hand appreciation for the customer side of the partnership equation. I actively coach our team to view each task from the client’s perspective. It is not only about addressing the issue, but about the value for their investment.  We really do care that the juice is worth the squeeze, and will advise customers when the effort is likely to exceed the value.

  3. What is the best part of being part of the DEV team? 
    Customer satisfaction is always gratifying and being considered a valued member of their team is a reward that is hard to describe. Additionally, I also appreciate the training and professional development aspects of the DEV team. Two current members of our team began as interns and worked their way up by demonstrating a willingness to learn, the ability to apply what they were taught, and their desire to grow their professional skills. I feel like they appreciate our investment in them as much as we appreciate their growth as peers in the group.   

    Our college intern program has been successful because we teach valuable skills and allow these young people to take an active part in our projects. I have connected with many of them on LinkedIn and feel some pride in their success, knowing we had a part in getting them started very early in their careers.

  4. What should BDK customers know about the DEV team?
    Current and future customers should know that the DEV team at BDK is here to help you get the most out of your data so you can make informed business decisions. The conversation begins with a high-level review of the issues, then we deep-dive into the life cycle of the supporting data. Sometimes we address gaps with new data collection processes, but in most cases, the core need is having tools to better interrogate and learn from the information already available. Further, BDK has an extensive background in manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and finance.

    Our goal is not just your current assignment; it is learning your business and adding value. We work to earn your partnership, where your success and growth is aided by our efforts. It is a winning proposition for you to include us in your future projects and planning.

  5. If you could pick a mascot to represent your team, what would it be and why?
    There’s an old saying that it is hard to soar with eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys. I am happy to be in a company surrounded by so many eagles—bringing up the level of professionalism and expertise to the organization. People just cannot be in this environment and not succeed. The level of energy and determination flows top-down, and I give a lot of credit to Bruce and Edwina Kimball for building an outstanding team and allowing us to do what we do best.  

    So, my answer is an Eagle. Not just as a mascot, but as a shared mindset.   

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