A Day in the Life: Account Manager

March 16th, 2023
Tiffany McCabe
A Day in the Life: Account Manager featured image

At BDK, Inc., one of our biggest assets is our people. Our teams are comprised of innovators, problem solvers, trailblazers, and leaders with more than a century of combined experience in the IT field. Our motto, “IT Made Simple” directly correlates to our down-to-earth and service-oriented employees who make IT approachable for our customers. 

We recently spotlighted our Account Team and how they provide BDK’s current and future customers with the best IT solution recommendations for their businesses. This week, Erin Tobin, Account Manager, provides a glimpse into how she got started in the IT field, day-to-day responsibilities, and what makes BDK a great place for IT professionals to work.

  1. What is your role at BDK, Inc?
    As an Account Manager, my role at BDK, Inc. is to serve as the main point of contact for our clients and accounts. This includes acting as a liaison between techs and customers, providing outreach services to potential customer, managing opportunities in the pipeline, and handling any day-to-day issues that arise. 

    Being part of the Account Team, my expertise lies in power systems (e.g., AS400) and larger hardware, mostly used by our larger customers. AS400 specifically is a difficult platform to learn, and requires a lot of training to learn this strong platform that is used by many businesses. This type of upgrade enables scalability, security, robustness, and flexibility for the IT components of our customers’ businesses.

  2. How did you end up in the IT field, and ultimately, working at BDK?
    I got my start in the IT field through my dad's business. He was an IBM business partner, and when I had my daughter, I was looking for a job that was more family-oriented and flexible. I had always been interested in computers and technology, as I had one in grade school since my dad sold them. He trained me once I became a parent, and I was able to gain more knowledge and skills. 

    Eventually, my dad made the decision to merge with BDK because they offered more skillsets and technicians. As an IBM partner and as a family-run business, BDK mirrored my background and desire to work for a company with real work-life balance. Once my dad retired, I decided to stay on, and have proudly been with BDK for the last 11 years.

  3. Describe your typical day as an Account Manager.
    As an Account Manager, my typical day/week consists of a variety of tasks. I start with client follow ups, both scheduled and emergencies. I then move on to any scheduled on-site client visits, usually meeting with the IT department or general manager. During these visits, I discuss any pain points that the client is facing, present any opportunities, and update them on anything they may need. 

    Further, I also provide quotes and research products to provide options for new clients, prospect and collaborate with the techs to manage third party relationships, take part in maintenance for systems, and assist the team with any ad hoc tasks. I really enjoy any opportunity to solve a customer's IT issues or provide strategies to better their business—including give them time back in their days to focus on their core business operations, while we handle all their IT needs.

  4. What do you enjoy most about working for BDK?
    I really enjoy working for BDK because it is a family-oriented business that values collaboration and communication. Leadership is always willing to answer questions and help each other out to get the job done. Everyone is put in a position to succeed, and there is proper recognition for accomplishments. Most importantly, the people I have had the pleasure of working with make it a fun and rewarding workplace. 

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